NationWide Serch Systems
Nation Wide Search Systems would like to introduce our services to your company. NWSS is dedicated in assisting insurance companies and financial institutions in recovery losses from uninsured motors and or loans for over seven years. The major factor why NWSS has been successful through the years is that we build a working relationship with our clients that provide them with unequaled service and value in meeting their skip trace needs.

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Nation Wide Search Systems generates detailed reports designed to assist claims representatives in determining if a claim is collectable, locating individuals pertaining to the claim and provides closure to a claim if you are in question of the subject's financial status or location. This report will verify or develop the subject's current address for process of legal service and provide you with the subject's financial status including:

→ Current employer, employer address, date of hire and position
→ Alternative sources of income such as welfare, social security, disability
→ Real estate information; legal, parcel, and assessed value
→ Personal information; social security number, date of birth, relatives

This provides you with a valuable resource to enter a garnishment on wages and or acquire a lien on property. Each request sent to our office is investigated thoroughly using public records, directories, financial sources, state and county records, internet data bases, and good old fashioned detective work. Unlike other location services like Choice Point, Accurint, or similar services, you would not know if the information they are providing is accurate or up to date. The information that NWSS is providing you have been verified through several sources and is guaranteed to be accurate!

We look forward to being able to show you the quality of our work.

We wish you success.