NationWide Serch Systems
Background Checks / Character Assessments

By utilizing our background checks and employment screening services, you can reduce your exposure to negligent hiring and retention lawsuits. Performing background checks by individual need is one of the most effective tools available to assist you in making correct hiring, tenant acceptance, pre-marital, child custody, and other risk management decisions.

NWSS provides comprehensive background screening services can include:
  • Criminal Court Records Searches
  • County, state & federal criminal records
  • Sex offender registry searches
  • Prison inmate searches
  • Warrants and arrest searches
  • Civil records searches
  • Bankruptcy searches
  • SSN Verification & Social Security Trace
  • Residential history listings
  • Driving Record Checks (MVR/DMV)
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Licensing Verification
  • Professional Credentialing
  • Professional Reference Checks
  • Military Record Verification
  • Workers' Compensation History
  • Homeland Security / OFAC searches
Multiple resources nationwide are used to get the results you need to make sound decisions.

Reports are provided to you quickly, and in a variety of formats to meet your every need. Our reporting turnaround time is on average 48-72 hours.

We adhere to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other complicated federal and state laws related to employment screening, tenant checks, and other background investigations. These practices keep both of us in compliance with the law, which in turn helps reduce discrimination, and other unethical claims.

We customize our investigations to the requirements of the different needs individuals and businesses have. This way we can cover the areas you want to focus on.