NationWide Serch Systems
Services Provided

Pre-Trial Inquiry
Workers Compensation AOE/COE
Personal injury
Video & Still Photography

Pre-Employment Background Checks (FCRA Compliant)
Identity Verification
Character Assessment
Local and Nationwide Criminal / Civil Records Check

Video & Still Photography
Concealed Cameras
Field Interviews & Statement Verification
Activity Checks
Fidelity Checks
GPS Vehicle Tracking
   - Our global positioning systems allows us to monitor a vehicle's movement and
     determine daily routes and activity locations.

Skip Tracing/Asset Location

The person may be missing for any number of reasons. Typically, the person has skipped out of sight to avoid a creditor or legal obligation. We take extra care to establish that the skip is at the correct address and phone number. Unlike inexpensive 3rd party data providers, we spend extra time and effort to establish identity and location before releasing it to the customer.

Employment Location

Locating the place of employment can be frustrating and unreliable when using databases that have old and inaccurate information. The best method is to follow the individual to the work location. This is especially important in child support or alimony cases where the subject is being evasive about where they work or in situations where the subject is being paid under the table. We have used this method on many occasions and find it the most successfully method. It's more time consuming but much more reliable.
Bankruptcies for all states
Real estate records including title searches
UCC Filing for liens and judgments
Duns Business Records
Motor Vehicle Records including title searches and liens
Corporate Records
Infield interviews
Public record retrieval
Missing Persons
Computer database searches