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Insurance Fraud Surveillance

Insurance Fraud Surveillance

Personal injury fraud is a major problem in the United States. Exaggerated injury claims cost insurance companies billions per year! Most of that cost is passed on to the consumer by increasing the cost of insurance. Our private investigators have investigated and conducted surveillance in many personal injury fraud cases with great success.

NWSS provides insurance companies, small businesses, and their attorneys with reliable, prompt, and complete surveillance of personal injury claimants. We have been instrumental in providing our clients with extensive video documentations that resulted in placing our clients in a position to make informed business decisions.

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Our investigative reports are detailed with extensive supporting photographs included with the report and delivered in a timely fashion. We utilize the latest technology in video, photographic and communication equipment that we use. Our surveillance video are placed in the body of the report and contain date and time stamp. We utilize some of the best tactics as well as covert video cameras while the claimant is away from the residence.

Each investigator is fully trained and equipped to provide the best evidence possible for your case and to produce a complete, prompt report. We provide our clients with continuous updates on the status of their case, as well as a detailed investigative report that is easy to navigate, and completed in a timely, professional manner.

When you contact us, you will speak with a trained, experienced investigator that will help you set up a plan to maximize your surveillance!