NationWide Serch Systems
Asset Investigation

Uncovering assets is essential pre-judgment to determine if an individual is suit worth and necessary to enforce a court order. Nation Wide Search Systems prepares clients for developing information regarding the subject's:
 image of money stacked high
  • Employment
  • Past Employment History
  • Real Property Ownership (State or County)
  • Bankruptcies, Liens, Judgments
  • Department of Motor Vehicle Ownership
  • Fictitious Business Name
  • Corporation & Limited Partnerships
    (Secretary of State)
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Filings
  • Professional Licenses
  • FAA Aircraft Ownership
  • Vessel Ownership
  • Social Security Track
  • Criminal Court History (Superior & Municipal)
  • Civil Court History (Superior & Municipal)
When it's time to collect, know where and how to serve your judgment.