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Nation Wide Search Systems is dedicated in assisting insurance companies, staff council and retained council in the recovery of claims. The information that NWSS provides has been verified through several sources and is guaranteed to be accurate. A major factor in our success is our desire and ability to build a working relationship with clients that provides them unequaled service and value.

  • Defendant or Plaintiff Location
  • Witness Location
  • Employment Location
  • National Property Search
  • Asset Research
  • Business / Corporate Search
  • Department of Motor Vehicle Ownership
  • Cell Phone Trace
  • SS # / DOB Verification
  • Military Locate
  • Email Search
  • Criminal Court History
  • Civil Court History

The minimum information we need is a name. However, the more information you can provide us, the less time it may take us to successfully locate an individual, thus, saving you money. All skip-tracing services are on a No Find No Fee basis with our standard rate being $75.00. If the locate/search will require additional time or resources, the client will receive advance notice prior to continuing our services. Our goal is to research all leads thoroughly and provide detailed reports of our findings which will include:

  • Current address, verification
  • Employment information, employer name, address, date of hire and position
  • Alternative sources of income such as welfare, social security, disability
  • Real estate information; legal, parcel, and assessed value
  • Personal information; social security number, date of birth, relatives

A skip trace can be time consuming and not every person we are searching for can be successfully located. The success of our search is dependent on the information we are provided by our client. Every skip trace submitted to our office is worked diligently by using a combination of public records and database information that can only be accessed by authorized personnel. Not all assignments accepted by our agency and a screening process may be required if you are not affiliated with an insurance company or law firm.


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