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Nation Wide Search Systems was formed in 1995 on a foundation of professionalism, integrity and reliability. Our agency has an excellent reputation and is committed to a complete and thorough quality of service, always keeping in mind the objectives of your case/claim and focusing on client-specific requirements. NWSS employees highly trained and motivated analysts using proprietary techniques to review databases, establish sources to secure and verify the information you need!

Our team takes pride in working closely with our clients so that each research inquiry is tailored to provide the client with optimal services while ensuring that the cost of your vendor services remain within desired budget. Our approach is to consider time, cost and complexity in each of our client's files and use only the resources necessary to resolve client needs. As a result, our growth is primarily due to the loyalty and referrals of our clients.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your project. We know litigation often involves highly charged, private situations that require the utmost discretion.

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